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Name Glutamate Removal from Folates
Description General Background Folates are required in a variety of reactions (known as one-carbon metabolism), where they act as carriers of one-carbon units in various oxidation states. These one-carbon units are utilized in the biosynthesis of various cellular components, including glycine, methionine, formylmethionine, thymidylate, pantothenate and purine nucleotides. Folate is modified in cells by successive additions of L-glutamate residues, forming folate polyglutamates (or folylpoly-?-glutamates) (see folate polyglutamylation). Most of the glutamate residues are added by ?-carboxy-linked polyglutamylation via an amide linkage to the ?-carboxylate group of the folate or folate derivative. Since these isopeptide bonds are different from the more common
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